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Core Learning

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Road Map to Become Mass ஆன Marketer 😉

Step 01

Let's Get Started !

First, you’ll receive a project brief and we’ll set clear goals together. We’ll make sure we understand what the client wants and what the landing page should do.

Step 02

Time to Build

Now it’s time to unleash your creativity! You’ll use your design skills to build an awesome landing page. Make it look great and easy to use for the visitors.

Step 03

Get Feedback And Improve !

Once you’ve built your landing page, it’s time for some feedback. Our mentors and instructors will give you guidance on how to make it even better. They’ll point out what works and what needs improvement.

Step 04

Get... Set... Launch

Now that your landing page is polished and impressive, it’s time to create your portfolio. This is where you can showcase your work to potential employers or clients. It’s like your design superpower that opens doors for exciting opportunities.

Our Simple Yet Effective Curriculum

Business Basics

1.Working on BMC so that we will have a futuristic plan

2.Working on the KANO Model to improve our offerings

3.Business Metrics / Unit Economics / Marketing Metrics helps in measuring the goals


Content Strategy

1.Content strategy to help in leads organically using short-form videos

2.Content ideas – Helping with 360+ Ideas personalized to your business

3.How to shoot videos – Action reels, speaking reels, transition reels

4.How to edit reels using Inshot / VN / Capcut

Content Creation

1.Creating 360 + Posters using Canva

2.Using memes for business

3.Blogs using Ai

4.Creating SMM ready contents


1.Creating ECOM websites for your business

2.Helping with Landing pages for lead generation

3.Building your own Sales funnel

4.Ebook funnel for your business

5.Funnels for your coaching business 

Paid Traffic

1.Meta ads for Brand awareness campaigns

2.Working with Value proposition for ads with Guerrilla Frame work

3.Running Lead ads

4.Running conversion campaigns

5.Running retargeting ads

Drip Marketing

1.Using Whatsapp bulk effectively for business

2.Whatsapp api recommendation

3.EMAIL marketing auto emailers

4.VOice call Marketing

5.SMS Marketing

Thinking Strategy

1.How to think differently

2.7 Lateral thinking strategies

3.Other thinking techniques

4.6 Thinking Hats – Validation tool

Guerrilla Marketing

1.How to go Viral

2.3 Steps in Guerrilla Marketing

3.Create ur Viral campaigns

Marketing Automation

1.Lead Automation

2.Zapier Integration

3.Instagram Automation

4.Whatsapp AUtomation

Sales Mastery

1.Prospect Qualification

2.Right Questioning

3.Sales Script

4.Psychology of Sales

Dashboard Management

1.Lead Management

2.Followup Process

Power of Moments

1.Create Peaks in you product / Service

2.Collect feedback

3.Implement Power Of Moments in your business

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–Chief Marketing Ninja

Author | Guerrilla Marketter | Serial Entrepreneur


Years Of Experience In Training And Coaching


Entrepreneurs and Business Owners trained


Industries worked, with various verticals


Followers on Various Social Media

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